Wester Sun-Day I, LA 1971

Eugenia Butler Gallery, La Cienega Blvd.


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Eternity is right

here nowJoseph Campbell

In the Electric Age

we can be

Conscious Refections of

Mind, Body and Soul .

Our photo-graphic reflections are eternal arty-facts.

My visual poetry of the RESURRECTED BODY

is an Astral Projection of our collective Soul's vision of Heaven On Earth Now.

Before this century, an artist would Re-Present this vision in painted images, bronze, marble etc.. In the Camera del Mondo of instant communication it is

possible to globally real-eyes

our right to

Life and Liberty in the

Library of Human Congress

We celebrate a collective consciouness of liberated spirits of nature

Trance-Ending Time, Nations and


It IS possible and necessary to Transcend (Trance-End) Repression

in the eternal present.

"We are Star Dust. We are Golden

We are caught in the Devil's Bargain

And we have to find our way

Back to the Garden."

"Woodstock" '69


My life as a

sculptor/mystic/ scribe,

guided by

Hermes and my Creator incarnated the Omni-Present

Mystical Body

of the

Word Made Flesh.

Life Now


Medium AND Message

of Sculpture

Fullfilment of this Vision



of Divinity

in the eternalpresentnow

(KXRD, The Station of the Cross-Roads) broadcasts Poet-Tree & Music conducted by multiple volumes of living Astral-Naughts

who simultaneously occupy space-time in Major Museum Sculpture Gardens around the world.

Each Space-Womb-Man creates Edenic sculptural installations populated with volunteer nude

Model Citi-Zens of the Earth.

The Astral-Naught Network Viscerally Lumen-Nates

The Second Coming


The Word Made Flesh

published in the


of today's

Digital Book of Life.

"All men as members of the Mystical Body of Christ becomes technologically a

fact under electronic conditions." Marshall MeLuhan

We welcome visionaries, light-workers, and all free spirits to join

in community, creativity and social activism to globally ground the living vision of Heaven on Earth

in the eternalpresentnow



"This world is a huge sculptor's shop and we are the sculptures in it . Rumor has it that some of us are going to come alive."



(the late Paul M. Cotton)

Adam II

Poet-Tree in the Garden