das Reich der Imagi-Nation

RexErection of the Body

Apse of the Prism House of the Mind

1970 KunstHalle Dusseldorf

The Living Body becomes medium and message of Sculpture in the Eternal Present .at the Threshhold of the Information Age.

Pre-conceived, pre-meditated rebirth of the Wandering Jew-Bu in Germany with message of Peace, Love and Forgiveness in the New Age.

Eye asked my German audience to rubber stamp my body with Hero Is Real to certify the Spatial Delivery.of the Word Made Flesh.

First Astral Naught is Born out of it's Space Ship Cocoon: The People's Prick Katarina

Seiverding midwived the birth of the First Man-Animal space Rabbit Sculpture who, was born with headphones, a sound body and mind, rabbit ear antennae and a real penis.

Paul Harten, son of the Director Jurgin Harten spontanously moved out to center stage to play with and ride the Astral Naught.

(the late Paul M. Cotton)

Adam II

Poet-Tree in the Garden