c'ici n'est pas un SCHOOL BUS

1971, EEG, a kinetic sculpture (moving vehicle in the light of Dei). First two Astral-Naughts lovingly Trance-End the repressive Patriarchal Order with a Vision of Peace and Liberty.

"In the Big-Inning was the Word and the Word was made Flesh."

Dionysus Calls us Out

of Doors (of the RHC)

Wester Sun-Day II, '72,

Live Oak Park,Berkeley. Eight living Volumes of "Astral Naughts" instantly publish the "Word Made Flesh." Electronic Poetry and Music is Broadcast from signals sent from KPFA thru radio receivers in each Astral Naught creating A Station of the Cross-

Roads (KXRD).

(the late Paul M. Cotton)

Adam II

Poet-Tree in the Garden